“The Escape”

I felt my shoes

saturate with frigid water.

The scent of freedom

filled my chest.

My heart throbbed.

50 yards to go.

Clutching her hand,

our palms sweaty,

we took a step.


My body shivered,

clothes became heavy.

I sensed the fear in her eyes.

Squeezing her hand harder,

49 yards remained.

The ground disappeared,

and we were floating.

The rapids pierced my clothing

sending chills down my spine.

38 yards.

Would we make it?

I held my eyelids open

for fear I’d lose sight

of the shore ahead.

29 yards.

This was worth it.

Our futures, children,

grandchildren, and family

depended on this journey.

17 to go.

I saw my reflection below,

growing older by the second.

I saw hers, too,

glowing with courage and ambition.

9 yards.

For we were only teenagers.

Forever shaped

by a journey to freedom.

Land, at last!


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