Summer School? • Hand Lettering Edition

This summer, I’ve had the privilege of teaching a few hand lettering classes for the Pella community.

Thanks to my new best friends at Simple Treasures (, Facebook, Instagram), I’ve had a classroom, chalkboards, all of the butcher paper, and pitchers of sangria to share my love of hand lettering with others. It’s been a BLAST to say the least.

Summer School?

IMG_8142Taking a hand lettering class with me is like going to a spa—relaxing, rejuvenating, and restoring for the soul. The only difference is that my classes involve lots of chalk markers, Mat Kearney music, and sangria. What could be better?

In my classes, each student—excuse me, artist—receives a personalized notebook with their name on it to practice a few of my script letters with paper and pencil before moving to the beast that is a chalkboard. I find that it’s easier for artists to transition to a chalk marker on a chalkboard after practicing a few times on a smaller scale in their notebooks.

IMG_3639Depending on the class project, we move to penciling the lettering on the chalkboard and then finally chalking and sealing the project for the artists to take home. We use VersaChalk markers (the absolute BEST) and seal using a Matte Acrylic Spray (avoid gloss finishes like the plague).

Artists often take home goodies from VersaChalk including a fine tipped chalk pen, vinyl chalkboard sticker sheets, and small chalkboard sticker labels. Pretty good for “summer school,” yah?

Art is more fun when we do it together, and I plan to continue teaching classes wherever I am. I hope you’ll join me for chalk, sangria, and a collaborative artistic experience to refresh your soul.

Let’s create together,

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